Article Abstract

mHealth: an avenue for promoting health among sexual and gender minority populations?

Authors: Deborah Bowen, Jennifer Jabson, Charles Kamen


The use of online electronic systems to communicate information has become both commonplace and important. Internet access, cell and smart phone use, and electronic mail use are at all-time highs in the US (1). The prevalence of social media continues to increase steadily in the U.S. In 2014, 74% of U.S. adult Internet users reported using a social media platform, representing a 7% increase from 67% in 2012 (1,2). The NIH is building a large cohort study based on the concepts that people can provide, receive, and interact with health data via personal mobile devices, and that they use these data to inform their health choices (3). Given easier accessibility through mobile technology (2) online communication strategies, including social media, are becoming viable platforms in modern health communication (4,5).