Honggang Tu, MM

MediCool, Wuxi, China

Dr. Tu was graduated from the Second Military Medical University and sent to the University of Bern as a visiting scholar in 2011. He used to work as an attending at Chinese PLA 113 hospital and Shanghai Dermatology Hospital.

Dr. Tu has 10 years of experience of clinical and management. He founded MediCool Software Technology three years ago. Since then, he have been stationed in the industry of mobile health as the CEO of MediCool Software Technology.

Dr. Tu is now a freelance writer who writes professional articles and research reports for more than ten media in the field of Internet and medicine. He is also a researcher of several organizations such as China Think-Tank.

Dr. Tu has published two books- "Valuation is the story" and “Anecdotes of mHealth”. His new book “Anti- Lean Startup” is coming soon.

Dr. Tu offers effective analysis and strategic suggestions for B2B, marketing strategy, cost structure, internal marketization and market competition according to the specific circumstances of different companies and institutions.

Dr. Tu has been hired as a trainer for China Mobile, Haier group, Ping An Securities, Jingfeng pharmacy and Pfizer. He has successfully provided them with strategic analysis based on the actual conditions.