Karin Källander, MSc, PhD

Malaria Consortium, London, UK; Karolinska Institutet, Solna, Sweden

Dr Karin Källander is senior research adviser at Malaria Consortium in London, UK, one of the world’s leading non-profit organisations specialising in the prevention, control and treatment of malaria and other communicable diseases among vulnerable populations. Dr Källander is leading the research cluster for the organisation which supports and guides the identification and implementation of cutting edge research topics in the area of maternal, neonatal and child health, including mobile health (mHealth). She is a specialist in health systems research, child health epidemiology and control of pneumonia, malaria and other infectious diseases and holds an associate professorship at the division of Global Health at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr Källander has over 13 years’ experience as researcher, lecturer, programme coordinator, and consultant in both development and emergency settings, including seven years living and working in a low-income country. She has a deep understanding of the health sector and working with governments and policy makers in Africa to achieve desired outcomes. Dr Källander also has extensive experience in research, design-, implementation-, management- and evaluation of programmes, health systems strengthening, health workforce development, assessment of quality of care, health policy development, behaviour change and community-based care. She has Master’s-level studies in molecular biology and doctoral-level studies in international public health, epidemiology, and biostatistics.