Developing Telehealth Programs for Remote and Isolated Populations

Posted On 2020-09-02 16:40:22

This focused issue on “Developing Telehealth Programs for Remote and Isolated Populations” is edited by Dr. Matt Mishkind, from School of Medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO, USA.

Serving remote locations and isolated population
Matthew C. Mishkind

Telemental health in rural correctional institutions
Edward Kaftarian

How telemental health delivered to non-traditional locations helped prepare for responses to COVID-19
Matthew C. Mishkind

Original Article
Personalized implementation of video telehealth for rural veterans (PIVOT-R)
Stephanie C. Day, Giselle Day, Michele Keller, Hilary Touchett, Amber B. Amspoker, Lindsey Martin, Jan A. Lindsay

Therapeutic groups via video teleconferencing and the impact on group cohesion
Amy Lopez, Brian Rothberg, Emily Reaser, Sarah Schwenk, Rachel Griffin

Review Article
Telepsychiatry and integrated primary care: setting expectations and creating an effective process for success
Jacqueline Calderone, Amy Lopez, Sarah Schwenk, Joel Yager, Jay H. Shore

Telehealth and indigenous populations around the world: a systematic review on current modalities for physical and mental health
Aprill Z. Dawson, Rebekah J. Walker, Jennifer A. Campbell, Tatiana M. Davidson, Leonard E. Egede

Early use of telepsychotherapy in resident continuity clinics—our experience and a review of literature
Svetlana Famina, Ali A. Farooqui, Robert L. Caudill

Lessons learned launching an engaging patient portal: an exploratory case study examining the launch and integration of the patient portal into the continuum of care for substance use treatment
Michael J. Tkach, Janelle Wesloh

Telehealth for rural diverse populations: telebehavioral and cultural competencies, clinical outcomes and administrative approaches
Donald M. Hilty, Melanie T. Gentry, Alastair J. McKean, Kirsten E. Cowan, Russell F. Lim, Francis G. Lu

The series “Developing Telehealth Programs for Remote and Isolated Populations” was commissioned by the editorial office, mHealth without any sponsorship or funding. Matt Mishkind served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.