mHealth and social media interventions for cancer

Posted On 2016-11-17 16:11:14

This focused issue is guest edited by Dr. Steven S. Coughlin from Department of Clinical and Digital Health Sciences, Augusta University, USA.

The articles included in this focused issue of the journal highlight the innovativeness, creativity, and flexibility that are hallmarks of recent developments in cancer-related mHealth and social media interventions. These ongoing technological advances are likely to contribute importantly to alleviating the burden of cancer, improving quality of life, empowering patients, and improving patient-provider communication.

Introduction to focused issue on mHealth and social media interventions for cancer
Steven S. Coughlin

Original Article  
mHealth self-care interventions: managing symptoms following breast cancer treatment
Mei R. Fu, Deborah Axelrod, Amber A. Guth, Kavita Rampertaap, Nardin El-Shammaa, Karen Hiotis, Joan Scagliola, Gary Yu, Yao Wang

Information and communication technology use by female residents of public housing
Lisa M. Quintiliani, Shivani Reddy, Rachel Goodman, Deborah J. Bowen

Getting beyond impressions: an evaluation of engagement with breast cancer-related Facebook content
Sunita Kapahi Theiss, Rachel M. Burke, Janine L. Cory, Temeika L. Fairley

Review Article 
Integration of advances in social media and mHealth technology are pivotal to successful cancer prevention and control
D. Peter O’Leary, Amir Zaheer, H. Paul Redmond, Mark A. Corrigan

The need for research-tested smartphone applications for promoting breastfeeding
Steven S. Coughlin

mHealth: an avenue for promoting health among sexual and gender minority populations?
Deborah Bowen, Jennifer Jabson, Charles Kamen

The series “mHealth and Social Media Interventions for Cancer” was commissioned by the editorial office, mHealth without any sponsorship or funding. Steven S. Coughlin served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.